ORLEN Nations Grand Prix route unveiled: discover the cities!

This year, the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix will start in the Czech Republic, then cyclists will ride through Slovakia and reach Poland. The grand finale will take place near the Arłamów Hotel. – We have prepared a comprehensive route where everyone will have the opportunity to show what they are capable of – said Czesław Lang, the Race Director.

From May 15th to 19th, we will witness five exciting stages, and top-level sports will be within everyone’s reach. The race will look a bit different from most known elite competitions. The ORLEN Nations Grand Prix is part of the prestigious UCI Nations Cup U23 series. National teams and clubs with cyclists under 23 will compete.

This year, everything will kick off on May 15th in Prostějov, Czech Republic, with the first stage finishing in Bouzov. The next day, cyclists will also speed along Czech roads, starting in Prerov and finishing in Kohutka. The third stage will take place in Slovakia, with the route from Tvrdosin to Strbske Pleso.

Everything will wrap up in Poland. The fourth stage will lead from Bukovina Resort to Jasło, and the grand finale will be the route from Lesko, Leski District, to the Arłamów Hotel.

– The route is demanding, with hills and serious climbs on every stage. The second and third stages finish with climbs, where we can expect a real battle of the climbers. I honestly can’t wait to be close to what lies ahead because I know how ambitiously young cyclists race, knowing they are given a chance – said Czesław Lang.

The Title Sponsor of the race is ORLEN.

ORLEN Nations’ Grand Prix 15-19.05

Stage 1: 15.05 (Wednesday) PROSTEJOV – BOUZOV (Czech Republic)

Stage 2: 16.05 (Thursday) PREROV – KOHUTKA (Czech Republic)

Stage 3: 17.05 (Friday) TVRDOSIN – STRBSKE PLESO (Slovakia)

Stage 4: 18.05 (Saturday) BUKOVINA RESORT – JASŁO (Poland)

Stage 5: 19.05 (Sunday) LESKO, LESKI DISTRICT – HOTEL ARŁAMÓW (Poland)