Lineups revealed for the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix!

At this race there are no accidents, only future stars. The ORLEN Nations Grand Prix offers an absolutely unique opportunity, and in the world of cycling, everyone knows it. That’s why this event is so extraordinary and develops more and more every year – says Czesław Lang, who is responsible for organizing the event.

This year, the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix will start in the Czech Republic, then the cyclists will pass through Slovakia and reach Poland. The grand finale will take place near the Arłamów Hotel. From May 15 to 19, we will witness five thrilling stages, and top-level sports will be within reach for everyone.

The ORLEN Nations Grand Prix is part of the prestigious UCI Nations Cup U23 series. National teams and clubs with cyclists up to 23 years old are competing. No radios are used for communication with sports directors, so the cyclists themselves have to make decisions. This, in turn, makes the competition very exciting.

When I think about it, it comes to my mind that we are returning to the roots, to the kind of racing that I liked the most. Cyclists don’t wait for instructions but make decisions themselves. Of course, each team establishes tactics, but you never know what will happen on the road and how to react to it. Thanks to this, we watch a thrilling spectacle – says Czesław Lang, who heads the race organizer, Lang Team company.

This year, we will see 22 national teams and three clubs at the start, whose full list is below.

The ORLEN Nations Grand Prix is an event that the whole cycling world looks at because here talents shine – says Lang, and it’s hard not to agree with him, as history shows.

Olav Kooij, who won the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix in 2020, is now a star of the remarkable Visma Lease a Bike group. As a professional, he has already won 32 times. Interestingly, on the list of his triumphs is also the Tour de Pologne!

The list of those who shone in the ORLEN Nations Grand Prix and are now fighting in the elite is much longer. Another Dutchman, Marijn van den Berg, won in Poland a year after Olav. And like his compatriot, he already has a victory in our national race to his credit.

The first winner of this race, Frenchman Nicolas Prodhomme, may not win, but as a Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale Team cyclist, he is a great climber with a good reputation in the peloton. He has participated five times in grand tours. And yet, this list can be extended. Not only about those who are already in the elite but soon about others who will start in 2024.

The Title Sponsor of the event is ORLEN, a company that has provided steadfast support to the ORLEN Race of Nations since its inaugural edition.


List of ORLEN Nations Grand Prix teams 2024

National Teams:

Kazakhstan, Belgium, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel


GKS Catusia, TC Chrobry Głogów, Mostostal Puławy